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There are many great personal finance courses available online for free, and some of them are even expert-led. However, you need to be discerning when choosing which ones to choose. You may want to save money, but do not sacrifice quality. Here are four examples of free courses that offer comprehensive offerings and expert instruction.

Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance offers free personal finance courses that help women learn the basics of personal finance. The site offers courses in debt management, investment, and budgeting. There are also classes on retirement accounts and creating multiple streams of income. The site also provides a wealth of information on how to build a business.

The site also has a blog where Clever Girl Finance writers regularly post articles on personal finance. The blog contains articles on paying off debt, investing wisely, and increasing income. Articles can be found by category. This makes it easy to navigate and find information that will help you with your finances.

The Clever Girl Finance website has an intuitive layout that emphasizes the most popular content. The site also feels welcoming. Although it is free, the content is valuable and worth checking out. The free online personal finance courses from Clever Girl Finance can help you set and achieve financial goals.


Taking a personal finance course can be extremely helpful if you are looking to achieve financial independence. These courses teach you the fundamentals of personal finance, including how to make wise financial decisions and how to invest your money wisely. This type of course is ideal for beginners who have no prior experience with finance.

Personal Finance 101 is a course from education platform Udemy that teaches the basics of personal finance. The course includes three hours of on-demand video and 52 supplemental resources. It’s available in English and Spanish and can be viewed on televisions and smartphones. Students do not need any prior knowledge of math or statistics to take this course. It also focuses on how to avoid debt and gives useful tips on how to manage your money.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has a wide variety of free personal finance courses that can help you build your financial literacy. You can learn about budgeting, taxes, insurance, investments, debt, and more through these courses. Each course contains dozens of videos, interactive readings, and quizzes. You can take any one or all of them, in any order. Some of the topics covered in the courses include taxes, retirement planning, credit cards, and real estate.

The Khan Academy is a nonprofit educational organization founded in 2008 by Sal Kahn. Since then, it has become a global leader in free online education. Its …….


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