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Younger generations want digestible knowledge from niche content creators that they trust. Notably, increasing numbers of Gen Z and millennials are seeking to educate themselves in finance and finding nontraditional ways to become financially successful.

Women at all levels in their financial journeys are using TikTok to share tips and information with each other. Personal finance is no longer a “boys club” and these creators are ensuring Gen Z and millennial women have free, accessible resources to make secure decisions for themselves. The lack of resources available to women is what fuels their drive to create awareness around this issue by utilizing a platform free from gatekeeping. 

When it comes to the finance industry in general, women are underrepresented in leadership roles and men are more likely to rise to senior positions, according to Investopedia. This lack of female leadership representation leaves less opportunities for mentorship and pathways to establish the same rates of success as men, which ultimately affects how basic financial knowledge is passed onto women through generations. 

Lissa Prudencio, the 36-year-old founder of “Wealth for Women of Color,” is one of the creators tackling this issue by specifically focusing on educating women from underrepresented backgrounds.

“I was in graduate school at University of Southern California,” Prudencio told Passionfruit. “We went around the class saying what we wanted to do, and there was a guy who sat next to me, a white guy, who was like, ‘I’m gonna get into hedge funds.’ And like, I’m over here right next to him scratching my head like what the fuck is a hedge fund?”

Since leaving USC, Prudencio has built a successful career, first working in business operations at YouTube then creating a brand to encourage women of color to take control of their finances. Originally posting content as “Shit They Don’t Teach You in School,” Prudencio’s ambitions to pass on financial knowledge have led her to post informative content to TikTok under the moniker “Wealth for Women of Color.”

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She is currently taking classes to become a certified financial planner, which would give her the formal expertise to assist others in areas such as financial planning, retirement, insurance and taxes. She says the certification would boost her ability to create content to educate women of color, in addition to reading anything she can get her hands on. Gaining that knowledge allows her to make her own financial decisions, which is ultimately her mission …….


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