Quicken Simplifi Gains Significant Momentum with New Customers as Personal Finance Market Transforms
MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — America’s top-selling personal finance software, Quicken, continues to draw new customers to its suite of award-winning products, as other players in the market find themselves shifting strategies and seeking new ways to reach customers. Quicken is certainly not falling behind the trend in personal finance; rather, it’s doubling down on its commitment to help individuals maximize their finances, offering a discount on Quicken Simplifi for customers of the former Mint platform.

Quicken Simplifi: The Best Way to Manage Finances, Period
Quicken Simplifi has earned recognition for its industry-leading commitment to helping users make smarter financial decisions. With The New York Times Wirecutter and PCMag acknowledging it as the best-in-class personal finance app, Quicken Simplifi has seen the most significant growth in its user base since launch in 2020. The app offers its users a custom way to gaze into their future, empower their financial goals, and actively manage their spending as they continue to plan for a prosperous future.

Quicken: 40 Years of Market Experience
With over 20 million individuals having leaned on Quicken over the last 40 years to maintain their savings and budgets, the company remains as relevant and reliable as ever. Quicken’s suite of financial solutions also includes Quicken Classic and Quicken Classic Business & Personal, which offer competing features for both businesses and individuals.

CEO Eric Dunn on Quicken Simplifi: Ad-Free/Sales-Free Experience and Dedicated Customer Care
“Quicken Simplifi picks up where other personal finance apps—like Mint—left off, providing users the same simplicity of the original cloud-based applications, but introducing an ad-free and sales-free experience as well as invested customer service. At Quicken, we’ve dedicated the past 40 years to helping people reach their financial goals, and we plan to continue providing this service for years to come.”

Secure Switch for Former Mint Customers
Referred by US News & World Report, former Mint customers can now securely and confidently migrate to Quicken Simplifi, transferring all balances, transactions, and more in a secure data transfer. Users are able to keep and leverage the existing financial history built over time, and can use the below step-by-step tutorial to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Quicken Acquires Status Money
Quicken additionally announced that members of the social finance app, Status Money, are invited to transition to the Quicken Simplifi platform, with the same credentials following them along. This transition has been heralded as an exciting opportunity for True Money members to access aprofessional suite of tools and backstops, and Quicken’s customer care team is available to provide assistance wherever needed on the switch.

Status Money CEO Majd Maksad on the Transition:
“The trust of our members over the past seven years means the world to us, and we’re confident that Quicken Simplifi is the right platform for them to continue their financial journey with. Our goal has always been to help our members get ahead financially, and we’re certain Quicken Simplifi will continue to deliver on this promise.”

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