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INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rising gas prices, soaring inflation, and the sky-high cost of attending college are three economic challenges impacting high schoolers, and a recent survey conducted by Junior Achievement and Citizens Financial Group shows that majority of them feel unprepared to deal with these financial issues. Poptential offers a free curriculum designed to make learning about personal finance engaging and fun for students, so they are confident in their ability to make choices in any economic environment. Click to tweet.

According to the survey, 54% of teens reported they don’t feel ready to take on future financial challenges, and 41% said they have had no financial literacy classes at school.

“The high demand for laborers means that teens are earning quite a bit more working summer jobs than in previous years, but they are seeing their buying power plummet due to high gas prices and inflation,” said Fred Fransen, president of Certell, Inc., the company that creates Poptential’s family of free social studies course packages. “This economic environment provides a great opportunity to educate teens about personal finance so they can make confident decisions about their finances today and for the rest of their lives.”

Poptential’s free Practical Personal Finance curriculum, part of its Common Sense Economics eBook, includes everything instructors need to teach digitally accessible in one place, including lessons, ebooks, bell ringers, quizzes, and tests, as well as pop culture media to make lessons interesting and relatable to students. Curriculum packages are standards-based and developed by teachers.

Poptential Practical Personal Finance uses digital storytelling to engage and illustrate critical financial literacy skills. For example:

  • Healthy debt habits — A majority of Americans spend more than they earn every year. Thinking about how to better align consumption, borrowing, and saving decisions will lead to financial success. This creative video in Module 12 Element 4.3 brings to life how to be “money smart.”
  • Cutting costs — Illustrating how fancy coffee drinks eat away at a budget, this National Espresso Day Bell Ringer in Module 13 offers tips, questions, and a supportive video from Time Magazine for students to consider how to cut costs on consumer goods.
  • Spending within your means — When students see their friends, family members, and neighbors spending, it’s tempting to go beyond their means to compete with the lifestyle of others. In Module 13, comedian Kevin Hart shares this funny take on the problem of “keeping up with the Joneses” and offers how he stays in his financial lane.
  • Wise financing — Borrowing can be bad when it’s …….

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