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When it comes to getting your personal finances under control, there is much to be said for nailing down the details with an intuitive app. Recent fintech options make it possible to get live updates of your bank balances, debts and long-term savings all at once. Having this information is key to making the necessary financial decisions to budget effectively and meet your savings goals.

Two of the most popular personal finance apps are Personal Capital and Mint. But which app is best for you? Both are good choices, but depending on your day-to-day needs and long-term financial goals, one may suit you better than the other.

Personal Capital

For people who get tired of logging into six different banks to have a look at their retirement, investments, checking and savings accounts, Personal Capital is an ideal option. The browser and app-based dashboard created by Personal Capital lays out the entirety of your linked financial picture, permitting a bird’s eye view for strategic planning.


Mint is the original budgeting app. You can link Mint to your bank accounts to get an instant picture of your financial situation whenever you need it. Thanks to its built-in budgeting features, many use Mint to help develop a budgeting strategy. Mint is owned by personal finance giant Intuit.

Personal Capital Vs Mint: Which Does What?

Developing a Budget

Developing a budget is a key element of shoring up your financial health. Both Personal Capital and Mint have budgeting options.

Built into the Personal Capital app is an automatic budget system that tracks your spending. You set goals for the month and can compare your actual spending to those goals in real-time right in the app.

With Mint, not only can you plan your budget, but you can personalize it with unlimited categories for better visibility on where your money is going. The Mint app automatically drops your purchases into these categories so you can keep track of what you’ve spent and how your budget is faring with day-to-day spending.

You can also automate keeping an eye on your spending when you take advantage of the MintSights included in the Mint app, which compares prices across months and lets you know if your subscriptions spending has increased.

Debt Management

Personal Capital and Mint also aim to help …….


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