Are You Ready To Discover The 5 Best Investment & Personal Finance Deals Of 2024?

Savings Accounts With 4% Interest
Beating the big banks to the punch, three financial providers were offering 4% interest on savings accounts in early 2024; Wealthsimple, Neo and Wealth One Bank of Canada, with Motive Financial offering 4.1%. All depositors’ funds are fully protected by Canada Deposit Insurance Corp. These competitive rates are well above the standard 2% big banks, and 2.5-3.8% range of alternative banks.

Investment Savings Accounts Offering 4.55-5% Interest
Investment Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a great way to get the potential of higher returns on your investments without taking too much risk. Many ISAs will pay out 4.55-4.75%, and one company offering 5% is the F-series version of the Scotiabank Investing Savings Account. Available through Scotia iTrade, this account symbol is DYN6004.

Commission-Free ETF Investing
Open up your portfolio to the larger markets with Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) all without paying commission. ETFs are a cheap, well-diversified investment option. Look for digital brokers such as BMO InvestorLine, Qtrade Direct Investing, Scotia iTrade, CI Direct Trading, Questrade, National Bank Direct Brokerage and Desjardins Online Brokerage offering up to full commission-free investments with stocks and ETFs. TD Bank also offers a commission-free mobile investing platform that includes a family of ETFs.

Low-Cost & Simple Asset Allocation ETFs
Building a portfolio without the hassle of stock-picking? Asset Allocation ETFs are their own fully diversified investment option of bonds and stocks from around the world. With costs around 0.2%, compare the savings to the 1.5-2% range of balanced mutual funds. Risk level is adjustable with options in conservative, balanced, growth or all-stocks.

Pre-Paid Bank Cards Without Foreign Currency Fees
Say goodbye to those pesky 2.5% foreign currency fees with pre-paid bank cards from EQ Bank, Koho, Wealthsimple and Wise. Plus, these prepaid cards are now connected to credit card networks, so they’re accepted as widely as the major credit cards. Get the protection and convenience with no expiry date and no fees.