Donegal man bringing Ireland into a new age of digital personal finance – Donegal Daily

A Donegal man is leading a campaign to help people handle their finances in a much easier way and also to bring them into the new age of digital personal finance.

Sean McNulty is the Founder and Managing Director of the financial advice company Rethink Money Ltd.

A native of Letterkenny, Sean has worked in financial services for 15 years, and has now focused his attention to helping people understand money in a different way.

Sean is also the newest columnist for Donegal Daily. He will be writing a special weekly piece on money matters and how we can get the most out of what we earn.

Sean has a simple mission; make quality financial advice simple, accessible to everyone and free! Look at the world we are in today, with rising inflation, increasing costs. and the worry of a recession hanging over our heads; money management is more important than ever.

Therefore quality, personalised advice is really important for people and they should be able to access that advice whenever they want, not when a brokers office is open between 9 and 5. So as well as being a financial advisory service Rethink Money provides a technology and brand that lets people take full control of their money and be certain that their money is working hard for them at all times.

Sean’s passion to build this company came from some, what he calls “gaping holes” in the financial advice area.

He says “First, we are not educated on personal finances in school, so we come into our professional careers ill-prepared. Secondly, the practices of financial brokers are the same as they were forty years ago. Life is very different today and we should have a solution that better fits our digital lifestyles. Thirdly, and perhaps most controversial, the broker market was entirely constructed on people not understanding how money works.

“Brokers actually invented themselves as a middle-person to make financial products clearer for consumers. As you know, when there is a middle-person involved in a transaction it is the consumer who foots the extra charge. In the Age of Information we live in, that model no longer works and people now want to know what exactly they are getting for their money, and how the costs are broken down.”

Rethink Money is going to 1) make money simple to understand, 2)Provide both a wholly digital as well as a one-to-one advice service and 3) Offer all the protection policies and investment policies at cheaper rates than any other broker/advisor in Ireland.

As well as handling all the big things …….


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