Make the New Year Financially Stress-Free With ComparisonAdviser’s End of Year Checklist

End the Year on a Right Financial Note by Following ComparisonAdviser’s Checklist

As readers approach the end of the year, many of us begin to worry about our finances. To help alleviate any stress and get us ready for the next year, ComparisonAdviser has released an end of the year personal finance checklist that will allow us to review our financial situation and make sure that our finances are in order.

In this article, we will break down the five key tasks that should be on every consumer’s to-do list as 2023 ends. We will also take a look at some of the advantages of meeting with a financial advisor and offer answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about finances at this time of the year.

## Prepare Taxes

Many put off filing their taxes as long as possible, but it’s important to get a head start on the process before the end of the year. Knowing about potential deductions and which documents you need to file is a great place to start.

## Review Investment Performance

Another essential task to tackle at the end of the year is to review your portfolio’s performance. Look at all the details including asset allocation and diversification among securities.

## General Finances

When carrying out an end-of-year financial review, don’t forget to review your budget, pay off debt and assess insurance needs. All these steps will help make life easier both now and next year.

## Measure Your Progress Toward Goals

At the end of the year, it’s important to evaluate your progress toward important goals like retirement, education and buying a house. If you’ve been able to make moves toward these goals this year, great! If not, this can be an opportunity to set goals and create an action plan for the New Year.

## Meet With a Financial Advisor

Meeting with a professional can help you avoid making some common financial mistakes and identify new opportunities. A financial advisor can give you great insights and proactive ways to accomplish your goals.

## FAQs

Finally, the Checklist answers some frequently asked questions about end of year finances. These include:

– How do I know if I’m doing well financially?
– What are some of the areas that people often overlook?

Source: ComparisonAdviser

## Make the New Year Stress-Free With ComparisonAdviser’s End of Year Financial Checklist
Do you want to start the New Year off on the right financial foot? ComparisonAdviser has released their end of the year personal finance checklist to help you review and manage your finances. Read on to learn more about the five key tasks you should do before the year ends and how to measure your progress toward goals. Plus, get a jump start on the next tax season and get answers your most pressing financial worries.