Rewriting “A Super Fast Open-Source Finance App”

Utilize an Open-Source Personal Finance App for Seamless Money Management
Looking for a fantastic open-source personal finance app that provides you with a neat interface and fast performance? Look no further, Actual is here to give you the most up to date and secure experience when it comes to managing your money.

Earlier last year, Actual, a personal finance app, open-sourced its source code in order to guarantee the continuation of its development. At that time, the lead developer was not able to manage both the ‘Actual’ project and a full-time job, without the use of expensive contractors being hired.

Discover What Actual Has to Offer
Actual is a privacy-focused app that comes fully equipped with easy transaction tracking, fine-tuned fast performance, dedicated budgeting options, and intuitive transaction reporting. Furthermore, those users that are concerned with privacy can enable optional end-to-end encryption, multitasking synchronization across multiple devices, and use of popular financial file formats for transaction importing.

Although users are unable to access an official hosted instance, self-hosting on cloud or locally can still be available. This feature allows users to maintain maximum security for their data.

Key Updates and Features
Since becoming open-source, Actual has received regular updates that include stability improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes. These updates are tracked within the Github commit activity, which shows that active contributions are being made by a number of developers on the project.

To try out Actual, individuals can visit the official website or demo page. Those interested in contributing to the code can check out the Github repo to begin.

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