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Generation Z has grown up in an age of low commissions and high technology, which has greatly influenced how they invest and learn about money in general. This generation that is between 6-24 years old right now is trying to use what they grew up with — things like social media — to their advantage instead of just for fun. While previous generations might’ve relied on family, financial advisors or other sources to learn about money management, Gen Z appears to be modernizing personal finance education in a way that works for them.  

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To find out about Gen Z’s approach to personal finance, investing and more money issues, GOBankingRates commissioned a six-question study of 1,000 Americans ages 18 to 24. Here are some of the most interesting results from that survey.

Gen Z Learns Personal Finance From TikTok and YouTube

Perhaps the most notable result from the survey is that the younger generation gets a lot of its financial information from a source that didn’t even exist two decades ago. A whopping 38.8% of Gen Zers responded that they learned about personal finance from TikTok, YouTube or other social media outlets, like Twitter or Instagram — 34.3% answered TikTok and YouTube specifically. An additional 7.20% responded that they get their information from personal research and/or online forums like Reddit. Combined, that’s far more than the 22.70% who reported learning from parents or family. 

A lot can be inferred from this statistic. For starters, it reflects how much social media and online information dominates the lives of Gen Zers. However, it also raises questions about the quality of information that Gen Zers are getting about personal finance. While there is certainly some valuable information to be found online, there aren’t many restrictions as to who can post online and what they can say. If Gen Zers aren’t vetting the information they’re receiving, they could be susceptible to financial misinformation. It also means they might be missing some of the fundamental principles about personal finance along the way, as only 17.60% indicated they learned their financial information from a high school or college class.

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