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Banks don’t disclose internal methodologies for determining creditworthiness and American Express is no different. The most reliable way we’ve found to ascertain which credit bureau a bank or financial institution uses to pull reports is by asking those who’ve applied for cards from a bank which of their credit reports showed a hard inquiry following the application. For American Express, the data available currently indicates it pulls from all three bureaus, but primarily uses Experian’s reporting in its decision making.

American Express Credit Cards Overview

American Express offers myriad credit cards for consumers and for businesses. The company offers a wide breadth of options from no-annual fee cards and to luxury premium cards alike. Amex has also partnered with a variety of brands—including Delta and Marriott—to offer credit cards designed to earn loyalty rewards with airlines, hotels and more. The range of cards available make it likely you can find an American Express card to suit your needs.

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Which Credit Bureau Does American Express Use?

American Express appears to primarily pull credit reports from Experian, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t occasionally pull from one or both of the other major consumer credit bureaus as well. Though all evidence is limited to anecdotal data, it appears TransUnion may be the second most-likely bureau Amex will pull from. American Express’ free credit report guide—the Amex MyCredit Guide—pulls its reports from TransUnion. We reached out to American Express for more specifics, but as of publishing time haven’t received a response.

Credit Bureau Used by State

No matter what state you live in, American Express appears to be most likely to pull your report from Experian. It may, for some products or as an additional check in some cases, also pull from TransUnion

When Does American Express Report to Credit Bureaus

American Express reports to all three major credit bureaus once per month, typically at the same time as your monthly billing statement. In some cases, changes may be reflected right away in your credit report; in others, it may take more than a month to update. If, for example, you pay your bill before you receive the billing statement, you will see a change on your credit report sooner than if you paid the bill just after receiving the statement—since American Express only reports once a month.

Which Credit Bureau Is Most Accurate?

There are three major credit bureaus in the U.S.: Equifax, …….

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