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Well it is 2022, another year with new women coming into the work-force, other women transitioning into leadership roles and claiming their seat at the table and more yet starting to think about their retirement and what parts of their investments will play a role in leading to a comfortable retirement. 

Add to that women pursuing life goals such as buying a home, upgrading their cards and more such. Each stage of our lives requires a different version of our financial instruments, however there are some that are common to all of us and are non-negotiable to our finances. 

Let’s start with the basics: What is one investment methodology that ensures that along with adding the right instrument to our portfolio, we are building a bulletproof practice of diligence and consistency? Well that would be investing through SIPs.

  1. Mutual funds – there is a mutual fund for every reason, and for every season, and to top it, a beautiful way to invest via SIPs. What this means is that, you choose a mutual fund that fits your financial goal, one that meets your risk profile and to kick start that investment, keep it simple and start an SIP. As a beginning you could start with a low-risk investment such as a debt fund, as you get comfortable with it, building into a hybrid fund and then adding equity allocation via mutual funds. You can also build in an allocation to gold through the mutual fund avenue. This can also factor in situations where you might want to take a career break – during which  you can pause your SIPs, or if planned well, one of your funds actually sees you through that break in terms of funding your cash flow then.

    Over the past few months the ups and downs in the stock market have given investors sleepless nights. While some have sold their investments in panic trying to cut losses, others have been speculating which industry or investment product is worth investing in. In such times you must simply be patient and remember that despite major financial crises in the past the stock markets have always recovered. Instead of panic buying or selling, focus on your financial goals. Be it saving for your retirement, buying your dream house or saving up for a vacation, start saving and investing consistently for …….


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