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If you’ve ever wondered why you had to learn complex mathematics like calculus in high school but were never taught how to open a checking account, you’re not alone.

In fact, 9 states have gone so far as to make a personal finance course a requirement to graduate in public high schools, and a host of others are proposing similar courses. And it makes sense because understanding personal finances could mean our kids can start building wealth early in life.

Here are the states that are teaching kids to be more money-savvy.

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1. Alabama

High school students in Alabama are required to finish a year-long course that includes a segment about personal financial literacy.

It’s possible that this could become enshrined in law if House Bill 259 passes in 2022, which proposes to educate high school students about saving money, planning for college, investing, health insurance costs, and more.

2. Iowa

Moving into the Midwest, Iowa is also implementing a half-credit financial literacy requirement for high school students. This course will teach students how to understand investing, consumer savviness, debt management, money saving, and wealth building. They will also learn about different kinds of insurance and real estate loans.

3. Mississippi

Starting in 2022, high school students in Mississippi will have to complete a course that teaches both career readiness and how to prepare for college.

Embedded in this course is an elective class about financial literacy, aimed at showing students how to manage money and make wise financial decisions for the duration of their lives. High schoolers can take this course at any time during their tenure.

4. Nebraska

With unanimous legislative support, Nebraska passed legislation that will require high schoolers to learn about personal finance starting in 2023. Included in the five-hour course is how to budget, minimize risk, and understand everything from credit to taxes.

Nebraska will start requiring some financial education for elementary and middle school students, too.

5. North Carolina

Not far behind Missouri, North Carolina passed House Bill 924 in early 2020, which made it law that high school students have to pass a financial literacy course if they want to collect their diploma and graduate.

Specifically, students will be educated about the importance of credit, how to shop for the best loans, and how to finance college, among other financial decisions.

6. Ohio

Starting in 2024, high schoolers in the state of Ohio will have to complete a class that teaches personal financial literacy …….


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