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The Percentage of Students Receiving Personal Finance Education

When you graduated from high school, did you know how to create a budget? Did you have an understanding of what stocks and bonds were? Did you know how to do your own taxes?

For many Americans, the answer to these questions is probably a “no”. Only 22.7% of U.S. high school students are guaranteed to receive a personal finance education. While this is up from 16.4% in 2018, this still represents a small fraction of students.

This graphic uses data from Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) to show the percentage of high school students required to take a personal finance course by state.

A Closer Look at State-level Personal Finance Education

A standalone personal finance course was defined as a course that was at least one semester, which is equivalent to 60 consecutive instructional hours. Here’s the percentage of students in each state who have a required (not optional) personal finance course.

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State/Territory % of Students Required to Take Personal Finance Course
Mississippi 100.0%
Missouri 100.0%
Virginia 100.0%
Tennessee 99.7%
Alabama 99.6%
Utah 99.6%
Iowa 91.3%
North Carolina 89.2%
Oklahoma 47.1%
New Jersey 43.0%
Nebraska 42.8%
Kansas 40.8%
Wyoming 38.3%
Arkansas 34.6%
Wisconsin 33.5%
South Dakota 27.1%
Ohio 23.5%
Pennsylvania 16.2%