The Best TV Deals for Black Friday 2021 | Smart Change: Personal Finance | – Lincoln Journal Star

The season for Black Friday TV deals is heating up. If you’re looking at your current TV with a critical eye, now’s the time to shop for good sales, as new technologies become more accessible and bigger sizes drop in price.

Smart TVs are the standard and are now accessible even for the tightest budgets — just be sure to pick one with great software like Roku, Chromecast or Fire TV.

Also, a TV with 4K resolution — 3840 x 2160 pixels, or 2160p — is no longer the unattainable luxury it once was. While TVs with 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) are still pretty good and can cost less than $200, you can now get 4K TVs for just over the $200 mark, especially around Black Friday.

Retailers like Amazon and Walmart are dropping great deals on 4K models by TCL and Vizio, which can go for less than $300 even in sizes as large as 55”. Hisense is another budget brand to consider when shopping around, with big discounts on more advanced QLED models as well.

If you want the latest and greatest, though, look at tech giants Samsung, Sony and LG. In addition to low prices on their OLED and QLED models, you’ll also find cut prices on proprietary screen types such as LG’s NanoCell and Samsung’s Crystal UHD. These are more durable and have sharper color definition than regular LCD screens, while being slightly more affordable than OLED and QLED.


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