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The school year has begun, and teachers are dealing with the normal pressures of managing students and classrooms. But lately, there is additional stress for educators, ranging from teacher shortages to possible teacher strikes. And to top it off, inflation has increased the prices of classroom supplies that many teachers pay for out of pocket. But there is a little bit of good tax news for some educators—the federal tax deduction for teacher expenses is adjusted for inflation.

That means that for 2022, teachers like you, (and some counselors, principals, or other instructors) can deduct a little more at tax time for classroom expenses and supplies than you could before. So, here’s what you need to know about the increased educator expense tax deduction for 2022..

How Much Can Teachers Deduct for School Supplies?

A common question is whether teachers can write off classroom supplies on their taxes. The answer to that is important because studies show that nearly 94% of teachers pay for their own classroom supplies, and reportedly teachers spent on average in 2021, anywhere from $500 to $750.

So thankfully yes, some teachers and other educators can write off classroom supplies on their federal tax returns. And for 2022, the maximum educator expense deduction has risen to $300. That means that if you’re an eligible educator (more on that later), you can deduct up to $300 of out-of-pocket classroom expenses for 2022 when your file your federal income tax return next year. And you don’t have to itemize to claim the deduction.

If you’re married and you file jointly with your spouse, and they are also an eligible educator, you can deduct up to $600 of eligible classroom expenses. But each of you can only claim up to $300.

Why is the deduction higher in 2022? For nearly twenty years, the annual limit for the educator expense deduction has been $250. But because of recent record-high inflation, the IRS adjusted the educator expense deduction upward by $50 for 2022.

Who Qualifies for the Educator Expense Deduction?

To be able to write off up to $300 of your unreimbursed out-of-pocket classroom expenses, you need to be an “eligible educator.” For tax purposes, an eligible educator is anyone who is a teacher, instructor, counselor, principal, or aide at a school for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

For purposes of this deduction, it doesn’t matter whether you work in a public school or private school—each environment qualifies. But you must work at least 900 hours during the school year to be able to claim the educator expense deduction.

What Classroom Expenses Can Teachers Write Off?

There’s a wide variety of so-called qualified expenses that …….

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