Israeli startup Sequence has announced that it has emerged from stealth with $5.5 million in funding led by Aleph. The company offers users the ability to visualize their cash flow, establish smart routing rules, and gain control over the distribution of their finances over various accounts.

The company has not officially launched, yet Sequence has already garnered attention following the announcement of its Alpha version earlier this year. Users who leverage the platform can automate financial activities, contributing to debt reduction, long-term investment strategies, interest optimization, and creating financial safety nets.

According to the company, the average American juggles roughly 15 different accounts, including credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and fintech apps. This fragmentation of services has made it increasingly challenging to track, comprehend, manage, and optimize financial activity. Sequence helps users visualize their money, automate payments to boost savings and optimize finances, take more direct action, and make financial management more accessible to everyone.

It integrates all financial services such as banks, apps, loans, credit cards, and investment accounts, to help users manage, automate, and transfer finance from one service to another and their financial activities within a unified platform.

Sequence was co-founded by CEO Gilad Uziely and Tom Reuveni, who serves as CPO.

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