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If you’re shopping for life insurance, finding the right insurance company — and comparing quotes — can feel overwhelming. Rather than getting prices and policy details directly from individual companies yourself, you can use an online broker to get quotes from several insurers at once.

PolicyGenius allows comparisons of whole and term life policies from top insurance companies. It’s our pick for the best online broker because it allows customers to shop entirely online, but it also has insurance agents available to give you personalized assistance if you need it.

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PolicyGenius Life Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Allows comparing multiple quotes at once
  • Not affiliated with any insurance company
  • Offers access to licensed agents if you want
  • Multiple term coverage options


  • Limited range of insurance partners
  • Medical exams usually required
  • Some partners have low customer satisfaction scores


Allows you to compare multiple quotes at once

In the past, buying life insurance meant manually getting quotes from multiple companies or working with an insurance broker to do the research for you. PolicyGenius simplifies and streamlines the process, allowing you to fill out one form and get quotes from several top insurers.

Not affiliated with any insurance company

Like most other brokers, PolicyGenius isn’t an insurance company, nor does it own one. It sells policies from multiple companies without giving priority to any one of them, so you can get unbiased information.

Fully licensed agents available

In some cases, even with an online purchase, you may want to talk to an insurance agent because of special circumstances or to answer questions about the insurance process. Unlike some brokers who offer no option for human interaction, PolicyGenius has fully-licensed agents available by phone or text to help you.

Multiple term coverage options

Term life insurance is a popular choice for many people, but some insurers limit options to terms of no more than 30 years or benefits of $2 million or less, to give just two examples. A broker like PolicyGenius allows you to shop multiple companies …….

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