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David Muhlbaum: Whether couples choose to marry or not, they’re going to face money questions. Do you combine accounts? Who pays for what? These can be the thorny bits on the bloom of love so maybe you should let a couple help guide you with these issues. We’ll talk with a pair of financial advisors who have an interesting combination of qualifications and personal experience about love, money and business. Also, Mr. Market has been keeping us on our toes. A quick look at where stocks are headed in 2022. All coming up on this episode of Your Money’s Worth. Stick around.

David Muhlbaum: Welcome to Your Money’s Worth. I’m kiplinger.com senior online editor, David Muhlbaum, joined by my co-host senior editor, Sandy Block. Welcome to May, Sandy.

Sandy Block: Well, thank you. It’s kind of a weird, slow spring here but I’ll take it.

David Muhlbaum: Yeah, it was a year ago in, well, May, that we explored the stock market maxim, sell in May and go away. You remember that? The idea being that markets underperform in the summer so you shouldn’t really be invested in stocks then. Which of course violates all kinds of guidance to not try to time the markets.

Sandy Block: Yeah. I think we agreed that sell in May and go away is not really a thing, at least for the average retail, long-term investor. Although there are some market watchers saying that this is the year it’s really going to break for sell in May and go away, given what’s going on in May with inflation, interest rates, war and COVID, et cetera.

David Muhlbaum: Yeah. Well, that’s just their opinion, man, as a wise dude once said.

Sandy Block: The Dude abides! How long have you been waiting to quote The Big Lebowski on this podcast?

David Muhlbaum: That was the first time? I guess you’re right. I did get Monty Python in, but those factors, inflation, interest rates, geopolitical tension, those are facts, not opinions. And stocks this year well, they seem to be feeling it. The stock market in 2022 is, well, I think it’s fair to say it’s struggling. The S&P is flirting with bear market territory and the NASDAQ, well, it’s already …….

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