Many states include personal finance in standards for K-12 schools –

Most states offer standards for teaching personal finance in K-12 schools, and in most cases, these standards are reflective of the topics the CEE has laid out. This means if schools are mandated to abide by these standards, courses that include personal finance will cover similar topics across the nation.

Only three states do not have any standards for personal finance education in K-12 schools: California, Alaska, and Wyoming. In California, for instance, high school students are required to take a half-credit economic education course to graduate, but teaching personal finance topics within that course is merely suggested. Without state standards dictating if and how personal finance is taught in schools, financial literacy education is left to the discretion of individual California school districts.

This may not be the case for too much longer, however; in early 2022, a bill was proposed in California’s legislature that would solidify a state-standardized personal finance curriculum. In Alaska, meanwhile, no legislation is in the works to standardize its financial literacy education.


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