Intro to Personal Finance (FINA 12500) offered in Winter session –

School of Business is now offering Introduction to Personal Finance class in Winter 2023 session for IC students, due to the high demand of the class in regular semesters. The winter session class will be a 2-week, online asynchronous class that carries the same 3-credit coverage on topics.

Here’s a list of topics that are going to be covered in this class:

  • Personal financial statement and budgets
  • Preparing your¬†taxes
  • Managing cash and savings
  • Using credit, loans, mortgages
  • Insurances (Life, health, and property)
  • Investments (Stock, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, real estate)
  • Planning for retirement
  • Preserving estate

The course number is FINA 12500. CRN is 30005. Register early to secure your spot.


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