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THERE might be an ideal shopping list to relieve the burden on your grocery bill.

And many Americans will take it any way they can get it, with the latest inflation rate now at a commanding 8.5%.


The personal finance expert reveals a list ranging from meat to vegetables


How much you spend could depend on the store’s location

In particular, food prices have surged by 8.8%.

In a recent TikTok video, Eden Gold, who has designed her channel to help young adults, revealed a shopping list that costs about $30.

She gave credit to budgeting website The Little Frugal House for the list, which is as follows:

  • Dozen eggs – $1.23
  • Can of biscuits – 49 cents
  • Four-pound bag of oranges – $2.49
  • Two-pound bag of apples – $1.69
  • 10-count of flour tortillas – 99 cents
  • 48 oz frozen chicken breast – $5.99
  • One-pound of ground beef – $3.19
  • Bag of shredded cheese (cheddar or taco style) – $1.89
  • Taco seasoning packet – 35 cents
  • Ready rice – $1.49
  • Beans – 49 cents
  • 32-ounce yogurt – $1.49
  • Garden salad mix – 89 cents
  • Salad dressing – 89 cents
  • Spaghetti sauce – 99 cents
  • Spaghetti noodles $1.49
  • Chunky salsa $1.29

In an undisclosed location, The Frugal House found this list to cost a total of $29.85 with tax.

However, keep in mind prices can vary by city and state.

For example, we found a similar list to cost more than $42 (before pick-up fees) at a New Jersey Aldi location through Instacart.

“If prices are higher in your area, try to find a similar ingredient that’s cheaper,” the money-saving website wrote.

One thing you might want to try, for example, is buying a cheddar cheese bar, which you’ll need to shred on your own.

Oftentimes, grocery stores will charge a premium for products that are already prepared.

For example, we found that an Aldi’s Happy Farms brand of shredded cheddar cheese costs $2.85 through Instacart.

Meanwhile, a Happy Farms-branded cheddar cheese block costs only $1.55, representing savings of more than $1.

Plus, based on my personal experience, I find that cheddar cheese bars tend to have a higher quality of taste after freshly grading it, and then adding it to food.

So, this is a win-win and only costs you a few extra minutes in food preparation.

How else can you save money?

There are of course plenty of other ways you can …….

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/money/5172885/shopping-list-savings-grocery-bill-aldi/

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