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Young adults will learn the foundational concepts of building wealth.

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Cousineau created How to Adult after realizing how woefully unprepared he was for the financial realities of adulthood. He read everything he could on personal finance and was astonished that the topic was not being taught to all young people. Being a high school teacher, Cousineau is in the unique position to address this problem head on, and created a personal finance course at his school. Despite the abundance of teaching resources available, he found that very few books present the core concepts of personal finance in a style and tone that’s both understandable and inviting for young adults. How to Adult covers topics ranging from compound interest and mutual funds, to Roth IRAs and insurance deductibles.

“As I read and studied more about personal finance I kept coming back to the same question: why wasn’t I taught this in school? Unfortunately, most of the available literature is not approachable or engaging for young adults, so I decided to use my experience teaching high school students to write a book more young people can understand and connect with.”

How to Adult: Personal Finance for the Real World is a great option for parents who want to help guide their young adults down a path to financial independence. Many parents are under the assumption that their children will learn these life skills in school, but many schools do not prioritize financial literacy courses—so who will teach our youth to be financially savvy? Jake’s book can do this, and so much more.

Case in point, educators are looking at this as a tool to add to their curriculum. Released last spring, many teachers have already jumped on board to use the material in their classrooms. They’re finding the book to be more effective than traditional textbooks.

Jessica White, a Personal Finance teacher from Spotsylvania County, Virginia said, “My favorite part about this book is the practical, easy to understand explanations about everyday personal finance topics. It is terminology that many students have heard their parents, teachers, or even the news talk about, but yet not able to fully understand what it all means…and this book bridges that gap between familiarity and understanding.”

How to Adult: Personal Finance for the Real World is available for individual purchase on Amazon. For bulk classroom orders please contact Cousineau directly at [email protected].

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