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This month-long guide, which has over 100 pieces of content, covers the five key principles of financial literacy according to the Financial Literacy and Education Commission: earn, save and invest, spend, borrow and protect. It also takes a closer look into financial literacy and how it can help you to build wealth and how financial literacy compares around the world.

GOBankingRates’ franchise also features exclusive survey data revealing how Americans have been monetarily hurt by financial illiteracy, which money topics they feel like they need more education on and more. The franchise will also help people at different stages of their lives as it covers how financial literacy changes once you’re retired and how families can work together to make sure they all stay educated about money.

“Simple money topics like understanding what APR and APY mean and how they impact you can really help people to make better financial decisions. We can end up spending more or not making the most of our savings simply because we haven’t received enough education on these matters, and that’s something that we hope to help change,” said Molly Sullivan, senior editor at GOBankingRates.com. “Financial literacy isn’t going to solve all the money problems people have, but it can make a big impact.”

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