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Before the pandemic, one could afford to outsource their financial planning without an ounce of worry. But the circumstances have since changed and COVID-19 has taught us the importance of self-awareness.

This is where Koppr comes into the picture. It’s a portal that promises to be a ‘complete financial wellness ecosystem’ that strives to address every financial need. Snehal Fulzele and Mandar Marathe launched the Thane-based startup in 2020 as a B2B financial wellness platform, and in 2021, they pivoted to being a D2C financial services business to cater to a glaring market gap.

“Koppr was established with the vision to make the knowledge of handling personal finances easy and accessible for one and all. We help individuals enhance their financial health and secure their financial future through access to low-cost, AI-driven, unbiased and customised personal financial advice and tools. Essentially, Koppr helps you make smart money moves, all the time!” explains Mandar, in a chat with YSWeekender.

The background

Both Mandar and Snehal attained their degrees in computer science engineering from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute in Mumbai. Mandar began his professional journey as a software engineer with Infosys in 2004. He later completed his MBA and switched careers to enter the digital marketing field with Digitas in Boston. Mandar returned to India in 2010 to head Client Servicing for Reprise Media in Mumbai. In 2014, he co-founded Briefkase – a digital marketing agency for startups and SMEs. Over five years, this popular agency had over 100 clients. 

Snehal pursued a Masters in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University before starting his company Cloud Lending Inc, a SaaS platform for lending and leasing companies, in 2013. He sold it to Q2 Software Inc for over $130 million in 2018.

Claiming to offer a complete financial wellness ecosystem, Koppr encourages its patrons to adopt the Learn-Plan-Act-Track method for their finances. They do this by creating real-time financial profiles that have a ‘Koppr Score’ – a rank that tracks the user’s income, expenses, wealth and investments, keeping their financial goals and risk profile in mind. This enables Koppr to be considered a one-stop platform for managing all financial needs.

“Koppr helps people address questions like why and when do you need a financial planner. We teach financial basics through interesting mediums like films, videos, blogs and podcasts,” shares Mandar.</…….

Source: https://yourstory.com/weekender/personal-finance-financial-wellness-koppr-app/amp

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