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Cinnamon Wealth Catalyzing Financial Freedom for Women’s Empowerment in Personal Finance

Women are an integral part of every family, and it’s time they are actively involved in making sound financial decisions. That’s why Cinnamon Wealth is dedicated to empowering women in managing their personal finances, providing them with tools to make informed decisions and achieve financial stability.

Founders of Cinnamon Wealth: Anurita and Vijay Emmanuel

Anurita Emmanuel is the driving force behind Cinnamon Wealth, a dedicated entrepreneur, doting mother, and savvy investor. She understands that financial literacy isn’t just about investments and numbers, it is a key factor in providing economic security and quality of life for her family.

Throughout the pandemic, Anurita has seen first-hand how families’ indifference to their personal finances has drastically impacted them. This is why she champions for family members, particularly women, to have a say in how their finances are managed.

At Cinnamon Wealth, Anurita combines her dreams of entrepreneurship with her exuberant ethos of financial freedom for women. Her success comes with past achievements such as co-founding Cinnamon Beauty and her involvement in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures across India and Southeast Asia.

Vijay Emmanuel shares the same vision for financial empowerment of women. This dedication to female economic participation is grounded in his long standing career in the financial services sector, where he has orchestrated global acquisitions, crafted intricate financial structures, and lent his expertise to countries such as UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Cinnamon Wealth: Providing Financial Guidance for Women

At Cinnamon Wealth, Anurita and Vijay are striving to bridge the gap between women and the decision-making process of wealth management. They provide process-driven opportunities for individuals to make informed financial entries and develop their independence. Additionally, Cinnamon Wealth has no ceilings or bars for personal growth, empowering women to build financial power in all areas of life.

The company is a division of Cinnamon Ventures, a Singapore-based private equity firm dedicated to providing key opportunities for women entrepreneurs in India and Southeast Asia. Cinnamon Ventures is operating out of Mumbai and Singapore, but they are planning to expand across India.

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Cinnamon Wealth is paving the way for women to take charge of their finances and attain financial independence. With inspiring leaders like Anurita and Vijay Emmanuel, it’s no surprise that Cinnamon wealth is rapidly becoming an international leader in providing financial guidance and opportunity to women.