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Each month, a new survey seems to come out showing just how woefully unaware most Americans are when it comes to both personal finance and the stock market — most recently, 8 out of 10 adult respondents drew a blank when asked to explain what a bond is while seven in 10 faltered with the definition of a hedge fund despite confidently saying that they knew it in high numbers.

Amid such a widespread lack of financial and investing literacy, the internet has long been a primary place for many to educate themselves — according to the results of Investopedia’s annual Financial Literacy survey, Generation Z use increasingly use YouTube (45%) and TikTok (30%) to learn about investing while millennials go for internet searches (47%) and YouTube (40%).

Would You Go To The Metaverse To Learn About Investing?

In an effort to both educate the public and carve out its spot in an emerging platform, financial services giant Fidelity Investments is launching a platform for learning about personal finance in the metaverse. Frequently called the next iteration of the internet, the metaverse is a combination of video and augmented and virtual reality in which users move through avatars.

Built in the Decentraland platform, Fidelity Stack will have a virtual lobby, dance floor and rooftop sky garden for users to move through virtually.

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Veritas Financial Group’s Greg Branch says corporate earnings growth is decelerating


From exchange-traded funds to common investing misconceptions, each one will feature primers on the basics of personal finance. As they answer questions (it’ll start with something as basic as “what is a stock?” and gradually increase in complexity) correctly, users correct “orbs” that will guide them to the exit.

“As users traverse The Fidelity Stack and make their way up each floor of the building, they will encounter a series of educational experiences that provide information on common financial concepts, including stocks, mutual funds and ETFs,” Kathryn Condon, Fidelity’s head of marketing and emerging platforms, told TheStreet in an email. “Users also encounter information on Fidelity Metaverse ETF (FMET) and the industries that make up the investment universe for the fund.”

Brands Are Rushing To Enter The Metaverse

Fidelity is far from the only major company to try to get an early …….


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