Clickbait Style Title: “California Gets an ‘F’ in Financial Literacy: Discover How the Personal Finance Education Initiative Can Change That!”

California Personal Finance Education Initiative: Guaranteeing Access to Financial Literacy

Financial education is more than just a personal asset, but rather, a necessity for life-long success and economic mobility. The California Personal Finance Education Initiative comes as a beacon of commonsense and bipartisan wisdom that would address the engagement gap between students and finance related information. By making personal finance a high school graduation requirement, all students will be issued real-world applications to their already current foundational skills.

The Benefits Of Financial Literacy

Knowing and understanding the concepts of credit, budgeting and responsible borrowing are key pieces for the long-term success of our young people. Additionally, these exercises are beneficial for developing proficient reading comprehension and critical thinking– skills that reach far beyond the fundamentals of reading. Ultimately, the Personal Finance Education Initiative would prove to be a measure of social justice, guaranteeing each high school student, regardless of geographic location, background or income, with a semester-long course on financial literacy.

California’s Failing Grade in Financial Literacy

The Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College recently issued California an ‘F’ in financial literacy, showing the urgent need for an effort such as this one. Every child deserves the right to have equitable access to the proper information and resources, necessary for building a secure future.


These concepts are pertinent to daily life, and unfortunately, not every student is neglecting financial literacy education in California. The California Personal Finance Education Initiative could have a significant and long-term impact on the current and future students of our state, and is an effort embraced by all sides of the political spectrum.