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Amazon Prime Day has already taken place in 2022, in July. But Amazon, which earlier in 2022 raised its subscription rates, could be bucking tradition for the first time: A second two days of Amazon Prime Day-like deals is a strong prospect for October. That could mean a boost to Amazon’s bottom line right before the holiday shopping season and loads of deals for shoppers looking to get a jump on their end-of-the-year holiday shopping.

This new Amazon Prime benefit could also buoy the spirits of Prime members tired of seeing their perks slashed.

Earlier this year, multiple outlets reported Amazon was asking vendors to come up with lightning deals – popular items sold at a deep discount for a limited time – that could be attached to a “Prime Fall” event in October. Amazon has not announced a second Prime Day event for 2022 or confirmed a fall event.

However, the latest rumors say Amazon will steer clear of calling it “Prime Day” and will instead call the Oct. 11-12 event “Prime Early Access Sale” – “early access” presumably pointing to Black Friday, which is six weeks later, and the usual start of the holiday shopping season. 

But that could be a double-edged sword for Amazon. Scheduling a huge sales event so close to the critical “peak trading” season could undercut holiday shopping volumes, even if it provides an October boost. Battered by high gas prices earlier this year and soaring grocery bills, shoppers could be more tightfisted as inflation worries endure. But Amazon may be facing the same pressure as a lot of retailers: lots of excess inventory; no time to wait to unload it.

It wouldn’t be the first time Amazon held a major sales event in October. In 2020, Amazon was forced to move Prime Day, typically held in the summer. Pandemic demands and supply chain issues forced that move – but back then, the story was about product scarcity. Since then, Amazon has moved Amazon Prime Day back to summer. It was held in July this year. Amazon reported Amazon Prime Day 2022 was its biggest ever, although it did not release specifics (Adobe Digital Economy Index reported overall online sales during the two-day event were $12 billion, up from $11 billion on the same two days of Amazon Prime Day 2021).

If “Prime Early Access” or a similarly named event materializes (third-party retailers who sell on Amazon are supposedly being informed) and follows in its Prime Day footsteps, expect Amazon’s proprietary electronics (including smart home devices, Fire TV, Echo and Blink devices) to be top sellers, along with beauty products, other personal care items, vacuums and clothes. Amazon said those were the top sellers during the July Amazon Prime Days.

Source: https://www.kiplinger.com/personal-finance/shopping/online-shopping/605240/a-second-amazon-prime-day-2022-could-be-an-october

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