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Some stocks are right for certain people, and other stocks are well suited for other types of investors. That’s why everyone’s portfolio looks at least a little different from anyone else’s. And that’s the way things should be.

There are a few companies, however, that are so all-weather and so reliable that they’re at home in anyone’s portfolio. Here’s a rundown of three of these names you may want to think about scooping up if you don’t own them already.

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You know the company. Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is, of course, parent to search engine giant Google, which as of Global Stats’ most recent data, still handles 92% of the world’s search traffic. Each of those searches is ultimately another revenue-bearing ad impression. Alphabet is also behind the world’s biggest online repository of digital video, YouTube, which serves up more than a billion hours’ worth of content every single day to over two billion monthly users.

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And while it’s not a major profit center in and of itself, the Android operating system falls under Alphabet’s umbrella too, positioning the company as the proverbial middleman between most of the world’s mobile device owners and the internet. Global Stats indicates Android powers more than 70% of the planet’s actively-used smartphones and tablets, funneling this crowd toward Google’s revenue-bearing platforms.

The prominence of Alphabet’s place in our cultural landscape is tied to the extreme unlikelihood the world will suddenly stop using the internet or suddenly lose interest in quick, easy-to-access, entertaining videos. People are now leaning on Google, YouTube, and Android out of sheer habit without giving it a second thought, generating revenue for Alphabet’s coffers every day.

In this vein, the company has posted year-over-year revenue declines in only two quarters over the course of the past 10 years with one of those lulls linked to the arrival of COVID-19 in North America.

Texas Instruments

When most investors think of computer hardware companies to invest in, names like NVIDIA or Intel come to mind. And understandably so — these are the companies that helped usher in the modern technology era.

There’s a problem with owning stocks of this ilk, however. That is, these companies are operating in hypercompetitive slivers of the industry, and they’re one design flaw or one foundry problem away from hard times. The more reliable plays from the technology sector are focused on the simpler, perpetually …….

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