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It’s been a rough few weeks for stocks. The Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQINDEX: ^IXIC) now sits more than 30% below its November high after dropping to a new multi-month low this week. And the composite is a weighted average of every Nasdaq-listed ticker. For some stocks, the declines have been much, much worse.

As tough as it may be to believe right now, however, there are long-term opportunities among the most beaten-down names. You just have to find the guts to step in even knowing that this bear market may not be at its cyclical bottom just yet. Here’s a closer look at three of your best bets right now from this humbled group of stocks.


Say what you want about the fallout from the budget-slashing initiative Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) announced last month — just don’t say the ride-hailing business model is fatally flawed. There are enough consumers out there who don’t own cars (or don’t want to drive one to a particular destination), and the market is slowly but surely figuring out how many rideshare drivers it needs, as well as the right price for their service. Lyft made huge bottom-line progress last quarter, and on an adjusted basis actually produced a net operating profit.

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It still needs more scale to convincingly get over the profit hump once and for all, mind you. But that looks like it’s coming. Analysts’ expectations for top-line growth of 31% this year followed by 25% next year should be enough to lift the company to non-GAAP earnings of $0.32 per share in 2022, and then further upward to $1.10 per share in 2023.

Investors haven’t been pricing this prospective upside into the stock of late. Lyft shares have slid more than 70% in the course of the past 12 months, and set a new 52-week low earlier this week. It’s possible the market could be concerned about the prospect of a recession as well as the unknowns of sky-high oil prices. As contractors, Lyft drivers pay for their own gasoline, making driving in this environment an expensive endeavor. The sheer severity of the sell-off, however, arguably overstates the depth of the challenges Lyft actually faces.

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