10 of the Most Overhyped Credit Card Features | Smart Change: Personal Finance | qctimes.com – Quad City Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed life insurance sales to an all time high. Host Teri Barr is talking with Michelle Megna, Insurance Analyst with Forbes Advisor, to learn more about the trend, and what you need to consider if you don’t have enough (or any!) life insurance. Michelle also shares information about the latest changes in the industry and how some may actually be a plus for consumers.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Source: https://qctimes.com/business/investment/personal-finance/10-of-the-most-overhyped-credit-card-features/article_11c39025-b1b4-548e-935e-0ccebc3aa97d.html

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